Make A Christmas Wreath for under a Tenner!

Buy just a plain wreath from any garden centre or florist.

Pop down do your nearest pound store and buy a reel of Christmas beads, couple of stems of small silk pointsettias and some gold or silver ribbon to match your beads.

If you have a Spice store near you grab some cinnamon Sticks too.

Just wrap the beads around the Wreath,  Cut the heads from the stems of the pointesettias tie in with either the ribbon or if you have any florist wire with that.  Tie the ribbon around the Cinnamon Sticks and finish with a bow, then tie them into the Wreath too.

Its simple and easy and fun to make.  You can tie in anything you already have in you Christmas bauble box, make it personal to you.

Have Fun and be Creative.