Wedding Music

Music can really enhance the ambience of your wedding. Music has the unique quality of affecting the mood and setting pace for any occasion. Hitting the right notes is very important.

The church ceremony
If you are having a church wedding, it would be best if you would speak to your minister about the music you want played. The minister can then advise you on the equipment available and the quality of the players. You can also ask the minister to allow one of your friends or someone else you recommend to playing the pieces you want played. Do not constrict yourself to the competency of the church organist. The church ceremony should include four different sections in your music for the prelude, the processional, the signing of the register and the recessional. Prelude should consist of music that sets the mood to be joyous and positive in anticipation of the ceremony. The Processional would be played on arrival of the bride and the music should lend grace and regality to the occasion of the bride’s journey to the groom waiting at the altar. Signing of the Register can have traditional or modern pieces playing and you could have yours or your bride’s favorite pieces playing. Celebratory, joyful and triumphant music sets the background for the recessional. You could use some hymns during the service, depending upon your tastes. In case you are getting married in the registrar’s office or at any other approved premises, you need to get an approval from the registrar to play non-religious music. While discussing the ceremony, it is best to discuss the music with the registrar to get their approval for the music you want played.

At your reception you are free to play any music you want to. You could consider using a live band or a DJ for the purpose. Choose your music according to the age of the group of guest you have invited and still create a party ambience right for dancing. Tradition has it that the bride and groom have the first dance on the reception evening, normally a waltz. However, with ball room dancing skills not being widespread, it may be best to dance to a favorite romantic number. During the song, tradition has it that the groom dances with his new mother-in-law and then with his mother, while the bride dances with her new father-in-law and then with her father. In comes the best man with the bridesmaids as first change to finish the first dance whereupon the guests are free to join the fun. Irrespective of which first dance song you choose, try and keep the mood at the romantic best. Many couples prefer live music at their wedding because they believe that it makes a difference to the ambience as well as render the natural quality to the music being played. Live music can be a full orchestra, a group of musicians or even a soloist. Selecting live music can also be beneficial to your budget. You could select a group and the number of musicians according to your budget. Much less expensive would be to have recorded music or a DJ at your wedding reception. The advantage of having a DJ is that the music will never be interrupted. Make sure the DJ is experienced in playing at wedding receptions.

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