Baby Cake Or Nappy Cake

Babycakes or Nappy Cakes are a great and unique idea brought to Guernsey by Bonboniera.

They are nappies,  shaped into a layered cake with baby gifts on each layer and topped off with a cute bear.  You can incorporate bibs, baby brushes, teethers, soothers, baby safe toys, talc, shampoo in fact the gifts are endless.

Bonboniera Baby cakes say that you have gone that extra mile to find a gift that is a one off, and perfect for that special delivery.

If you want something different from the standard nappy cake then we can make one to your specification, you can say exactly what you would like in them, what colour you would like and how many layers.

Each comes with foil balloons, and a card and can be delivered anywhere on Guernsey.

Baby’s First Birthday

In the UK, we celebrate birthdays in the grandest ways. We
spend countless amounts of money and time planning and
carrying out these special parties that last just hours.

When we give birth to a new bundle of joy we typically
spend the first year so crazed that it seems only right to
celebrate that special time with a big celebration of
family and friends.

Because a babys first birthday is usually a celebration of
friends and family, they tend to be a huge milestone. All
those people who watched mum grow and give birth, then see
how the baby grows throughout the first year now have a
reason to get together to celebrate again.

And because the baby doesnt remember their first birthday,
it really makes it about the parents.

One important thing that the birthday boy or girl does get
to do is celebrate with their own piece of cake, or even
their own small cake.

Typically they are left to their own accord with it and
with a little encouragement, the child digs in with hands
and face to enjoy their first birthday treat. It is
understood that they will make a mess and pictures will be
taken. But that is all part of the fun.

Like with all birthdays, gifts are given to the birthday
child. Mostly toys and clothes since they spend their first
few years outgrowing everything they have.

And since most kids first birthdays are so overwhelming,
they tend to fall asleep leaving the parents, family and
friends to enjoy the rest of the day with good food and

Baby Bouquets

These exquisit Bouquets are made using baby socks, vests, bibs, hats and baby grows.  Although to look at them you would never know.

Beautiful rose buds, in pink, blue or white created from a bib or a hat.  Arranged in a fabulous bouquet that any new mum would be over joyed to receive.

Brilliant too, for baby showers, what a great gift from workfor the new arrival.

Have a look at them in our online store, and purchase one for that special mum.  Exclusive to Bonboniera, in Guernsey for deliveries.