Baby Shower Games: Having Fun At Your Baby’s Welcome Party

A baby is always considered a blessing. For many parents, the best way to celebrate this is by having a small and intimate baby shower. With lots of eating, laughter, gifts and advice from close relatives and loved ones, this is definitely one of the most memorable events for any mom and dad. Even so, baby showers can sometimes turn out to be a bit boring. That’s why planners always make sure they have fun activities in store for the guests.

One popular way of entertaining people during a baby shower is by playing games. Although some adults find these a bit awkward, many people find baby shower games fun and exciting. It’s a fun way to make the celebration a bit more cheerful and lively. It also allows the people to mingle and socialize with one another.

Having baby shower games has a lot of advantages. For one, games allow the people who aren’t acquainted to get to know each other. Another purpose of these activities is to serve as ice breakers, to break up any awkward silence during the event. Baby shower games can also allow the guests to be playful. For once in their lives, adults can forget their age, and can go back to being children again.

There are numerous kinds of baby shower games. Some are simple and quiet, while others are very exciting and require a lot of movement from the players. These games can come in the form of relays or races, puzzles and guessing games. Sometimes, baby shower games appear as card games, sometimes as bingo or raffle games. Whatever the type, these shower games are certainly amusing, and will keep the audience entertained throughout the party.

Several popular examples of baby shower games include the diaper raffle, baby bottle race, baby scrambler, pin the baby on mommy, baby bingo and guess the baby item. If you’re holding a shower, try playing these fun games.

One thing to remember about baby shower games: make sure you choose appropriate ones you’re sure your guests can play. For example, if you have elderly guests, relay games might not be a good idea anymore. Make sure your games aren’t too cumbersome or exhausting, so the guests won’t become too tired during your party.