You Couldn’t Make It Up!

Delivery driver James Higginson got a £30 parking ticket – because his load of inflated balloons was TOO LIGHT.James, 60, was stunned when a jobs-worth traffic warden slapped him with the fine – even though his van was in a loading bay. But pen-pushers in Birkenhead in The Wirral insisted that his cargo was not bulky enough to count as goods unloading.

But yesterday they relented and cancelled the fine. James celebrated by sending the ticket up, up and away tied to a balloon. Wirral Council maintained the bay was for “awkward or heavy items” but said it was “taking a sympathetic view”.

Admittedly balloons may not be heavy but anyone who has ever tried to handle 60 inflated balloons (especially if helium has been used as opposed to air) will no doubt agree with us when we say they can definitely be awkward! Don’t you just love traffic wardens!

(Taken from The Sun Newspaper Saturday 3rd June 2006.