Bonboniera Has A New Home

After thirty years in business we have decided to go back to our roots, which is a business without a retail outlet.

With ever increasing rents, and a noticeable decrease in passing trade, it was getting uneconomical to keep a large shop open.

Buying habits have changed drastically over the past couple of years with UK online retailers taking a huge proportion of retail sales away from the island. This affects all local retailers not just us.

So we now run the business entirely from our home office, and a small showroom and display area on site.

All of our hire items, of which we have many thousands, now live in a secure, dry off site storage area ready for us to supply them to a venue at any time.

Please note that our core business has not changed in any way, we are still one of Guernsey’s leading wedding, party and event planners.

To coincide with the move we have rebranded the event planning side of the business as Creative Events, and launched our dedicated event planning website.

More expansion is planned for the future with dedicated wedding and party planning sites, our popular Candy Cart Buffet site (these are simply awesome party add-ons), and a soon to follow Linen Hire site.

Also the Guernsey balloon delivery side of the business has expanded with a new range of photo and personalised balloon deliveries available to you.

Due to now having reduced operating expenses we now offer free delivery on any order over £15 in value (£5 delivery charge on orders below this)

You can still call us and place your order as before and we will make sure that it is ready for collection… Or we can deliver it to you.

So despite some rumours doing the rounds, we are here, expanding our services, and offering an even bigger service than before.

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Wedding Decor For Hire

Bonboniera and Creative Events have a large range of hire items available to make your wedding day even more special, from chair covers, sashes, table runners and balloon decor all the way up to a huge 6 metre by 3 metre Starlight Curtain which makes a fantastic backdrop to your top table.

Starlight CurtainThe Starlight Curtain is made of the highest quality materials and uses fibre optic lights powered from a single 50 watt light source. This ensures that there are no electrical connections running inside the curtain which makes it very safe.

The curtain is suspended from it’s own heavy duty aluminium support poles and is delivered anywhere in Guernsey, installed and tested before the function,  and then removed after the event by our own qualified staff.

We recommend that you reserve the Starlight Curtain as soon as possible as it gets booked up fast.

Call us on 740 740 for further information or to make a booking.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours:


As we now work from our home office, and no longer have a retail outlet, we have no fixed opening hours.

Collections, viewings, and meetings can be arranged to suit you but please call us first to arrange this.

Our telephone number and email address is unchanged.

Tel: 01481 740 740

Bonboniera Are The Most Loved Business In Guernsey 2012

It’s official, Bonboniera are Guernsey’s most loved business 2012, as voted for by all our wonderful customers 🙂

The Best Of Guernsey is part of a UK wide business directory which every year runs the “14 Days Of Love” competition where the votes are cast by the customers of all the businesses involved.

As you, the customer are really the only people who count your votes show your confidence in the businesses you use most…. and we have some of the most loyal customers in the whole of the UK!

The voting this year has been absolutely awesome, and very frantic and the results are:


With over 130 Guernsey businesses competing in this category we are so proud to have won.



With many thousands of businesses listed in the “Best Of” directories nationwide a position in the top 100 is very difficult to achieve, top 50 is simply awesome.

So again, a huge thank you for everyone who voted for us… YOU are the best!

Princess Party Ideas

This is an extract of an article that you will find in the Princess Party Ideas book

It is every little girl’s dream to be a princess and to be treated like a princess and many parents opt to have a birthday party in this same theme for their little girl. But where do you even start to come up with princess party ideas?

The first thing that every party needs is an invitation and this will be the first step when you start thinking of princess party ideas.

Whether you opt for royal scrolls, invitations shaped like castles, knights, horses, tiaras or royal scrolls, your invitations need to suit your princess party ideas.

The most important thing when it comes to princess party ideas is then choosing a theme. Will it be Disney or will you go for the old fashioned type of princess party?


Bridal Accessories For A Fairy Tale Wedding

You are having a fairy tale wedding and you are going to need some special bridal accessories. These themed weddings are beautiful as they are elegant. They usually take place in a ballroom type setting and the lights are low the music is classical or contemporary. The dresses are spectacular and the hairstyles and headpieces are beautiful. The men are all decked out in tuxedos and the women are as elegant as the bride. The bridal accessories for a Cinderella fairy tale wedding are going to take some time to find everything you need. If you look online, you can find different ideas for a fairy tale wedding.

The other type of fairy tale wedding you might have is a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs wedding them. For this theme, the dresses are elegant and the men are dress in different attire from a Cinderella theme wedding. With this type of themed wedding, your bridal accessories might include a hoop dress, a tiara and an open top black patent shoe. The fairy tale weddings are very spectacular, but they do take time to plan and get everything together. Your bridal accessories and room decoration can be supplied by Bonboniera, come in to the shop and have a chat with our creative staff.

Sleeping Beauty is another popular fairy tale wedding theme. This wedding theme when played out with every detail in place can be wonderful. Your guests will not know what to say or how you could have put something so spectacular together. You are going to need help with the bridal accessories as well as implementing the entire wedding and reception. The rewards will pay when you become husband and wife. The fairly tale weddings are a scene to be seen by everyone. No one will want to miss your wedding. The bridal accessories will include some great fairy tale wedding favors, how about a fairy tale carriage or an almond filled shoe.  Bonboniera could also create a coach out of balloons, fabulous for photos.

If you are planning a fairy tale wedding such as Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, you want to create the scene from the fairly tale.  If you need a castle setting, it will take some creative thinking to pull this together, but in the end, your dream wedding and reception will be something that everyone talks about for many years to come. Bridal accessories are not so difficult to find, and we can help with most of them and a great suppliers.

Everything you need for a fabulous wedding can be found with ease. If you need any decorative pieces to make your setting,we have suppliers around the globe to help You have a wonderful wedding. One last fairy tale theme that is becoming popular is the Alice in Wonderland. This is the wedding that will leave everyone in awe, and is simple to do, with a bit of time and immagination.  Bonboniera can ease the pressure from you for all these themes, so go on be a little different.

Bridal Accessories For A Tropical Wedding

You are having a tropical wedding and you need some ideas about the bridal accessories you will need. Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding might include tropical table decorations, leis to give your guests, candles or tiki lamps, flowers and wedding favors. You want the day to be special and with a tropical wedding theme, your wedding will be one that everyone will enjoy and remember forever. Whether you have it on a beach or in a hall, you can decorate the place in order to create a tropical theme that will create the atmosphere of the tropics.

For the wedding dress, you will want to accessorize it with some bridal accessories for a tropical wedding. You may want a lei to compliment your wedding dress or some jewelry such as seashell earrings or a bracelet. When you have a tropical wedding, you can choose from many different kinds of accessories to match the tropical theme of your wedding. From leis to seashells to different styled dresses and wedding favors. Your bridal accessories for a tropical wedding will include flowers if you wish, which may be orchids, or birds of paradise. Everything you need for your tropical wedding can be found at Bonboniera or online

Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding will also include table decorations and wedding favors. You can find seashell wedding favors that include a seashell candle, mint tins with pictures of seashells or a seashell keychain accessory. These are some of the ideas for that special wedding occasion that will delight the guests. You can use tiki lamps to line the beach area, which adds a Hawaiian touch to your wedding and reception. Couples have even been known to rent silk palm trees to line the walkway leading to the alter, were the vows are exchanged.

When you plan your tropical wedding, the bridal accessories include a headpiece of flowers to bring out the beauty of your dress and bouquet. The headpiece can also have a tiny veil attached. These headpieces make the statement of a tropical wedding. The bridesmaids can also wear the traditional headpieces to match in with their dresses and flowers.  You can also find garters with a tropical look. The garter is not seen until after the reception, therefore, it can be either a tropical or a traditional garter the choice is yours.

Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding might also include your cake knife for cutting the cake, guest book with a seashell cover or a tropical scene and of course the cake topper. You have so many things to choose when you plan a tropical wedding and there are so many things to choose from when you start planning. From you dress to your shoes, to your wedding invitations and the thank you cards, to the balloons displays and table centres.  You can plan the perfect tropical wedding and have everything just perfect on that special day.    Bonboniera are here to help with your themed wedding.

Five Tips For Themed Bridal Accessories.

Five Tips For Themed Bridal Accessories.

The first of five tips for bridal accessories is the theme. If you plan a theme wedding, you will want to plan everything down to the honeymoon. Planning a theme wedding requires a little browsing before you define the theme. If you pick a theme that is hard to shop for, you will have a hard time finding bridal accessories. You want to find something that is easy to shop for and something that is easy to put together. You do not want to pick something that will consume all your time. Planning your wedding takes time enough without adding a theme that requires any more time. Bonboniera can help you of course, with their many contacts and suppliers, so once you have chosen your dream theme, pop in and have a chat with the team, they will be a great help to you.

The second of five tips for bridal accessories is the dress, shoes, headpiece and flowers. If you are planning a theme wedding, you do not want to buy a dress and shoes that will not fit the theme of the wedding. If you plan a themed wedding, you need to also look at dresses, shoes and headpieces to fit the theme. After all, this is the entire idea about a theme wedding. Your flowers should also relate to the theme of your wedding. If you are having a tropical wedding, you are not going to use calla lilies. Match the flowers to the theme and most of all have fun with your creativity.

The third of five tips for bridal accessories is the ceremony itself. Many brides have themed wedding to move away from traditional ceremonies and have a different type of service. If you have a beach theme, you are not going to want the ceremony to be a traditional service. Your guests will appreciate your creativity more if you keep the ceremony in tune with the theme. You can have the traditional vows or some couples make their own vows, which add to the beauty of the theme wedding.

The fourth thing you want to keep in mind is the reception. Since your wedding is represented by a theme, you want to keep the reception as close to the theme as possible. You may have a country theme or a fairy tale theme, either way, you want to have table décor, decorations and wedding favors that match your theme wedding. There are twists to every theme wedding, but if you plan everything down to the honeymoon, you can be assured you will have the best themed wedding ever.

The last tip for bridal accessories is the honeymoon. Although you will be spending it somewhere other than the reception hall, you might still want to carry out the theme. Whether you have a hotel room or your own home, you can add some decorations to the room to carry the theme into the next day. Many brides plan such themes for the honeymoon right down to the type of lingerie they will wear. Keeping these five tips in mind should help you plan a great themed wedding.

From Wedding Favours, to Table decorations, Bonboniera can help with your Dream Theme.

Autumn Wedding Decorations Can Spice Up Your Marriage Ceremony

Planning Autumn wedding decorations could be one of the hardest things to do if you don’t take the beauty and atmosphere of fall into account. Each season (including Autumn) is after all, unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Spring is a season for renewal, with shades of green on its banner, while winter enjoys light colors like white and blue. The summer colors fly across the red and orange range, with Autumn  taking on deeper shades of those colors.  In literature, the season of fall often symbolizes both the end of something and the beginning of a new life, exactly what a wedding symbolises for both bride and groom.

Autumn’s themes, while common if one examines day-to-day life, aren’t exactly a common topic of conversation.  Thus, even experienced wedding and marriage planners or friends could hiccup when it comes to planning a celebration during this season.  Not to worry, the following is a short list of ideas that could spark the imagination and help anyone make a fine setting for any lovely couple.

Autumn wedding decorations usually incorporate the fallen leaves that give the season its name in America.  Decorators could take to lining the marriage aisle and the altar with red or orange leaves.  Using actual fallen leaves may be good if the ceremonies would occur outdoors, but it isn’t suggested in a cathedral or a church.  Many wedding stores or decoration stores actually offer cloth leaves or leaves made of other materials. Leaves aren’t the only option for fall wedding decorations. Some flowers and plants give off the same air and atmosphere, such as ferns or wheat. For the aforementioned outdoor wedding scenario, you could choose a wooded area to further emphasise the season.

Pumpkins also bring with them the Autumn atmosphere due to their color. Mini pumpkins rank among the best fall wedding decorations you could use. These cute decorations from nature could be used to hold place cards. Other useable vegetables and fruits include the tasty squash and gourds. A nice fall themed centerpiece for the tables during the reception could be made of a votive candle and several leaves. The leaves should be non-flammable of course, to make sure that your Autumn wedding decorations don’t explode into a balls of flames.

The designs and decorations in this theme can be changed to suit your tastes and needs. The most important aspect of any customisation you wish to make is the colour. Colours, as said beforehand, can set off the theme of the seasons simply by being there. A savvy decorator could even design the catering and the food around the colour, with red wine and red meat.

A wedding should be one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Having the best Autumn wedding decorations possible makes that a whole lot easier. When the stage is set and the and the wedding presentation is just right, the loving couple is free to focus on their love for each other on that special day. An atmosphere appropriate to the event can easily make the difference between a good wedding and a truly unforgettable one.  Making the right decisions about Autumn wedding decorations can ensure that happens.

Consider Medieval Wedding Dresses For Your Ceremony

If you’re looking to make your wedding unique, medieval wedding dresses may be the answer.  Giving your special day a fantasy or medieval theme can make it stand out among weddings, due in large part to the unique wardrobe and atmosphere that the theme would bring. The wardrobe itself has recently found popularity through the rise of fantasy films in Hollywood lately, from Lord of the Rings to the Chronicles of Narnia. It isn’t surprising that people are noticing that the lovely, elegant look would make a great addition to any wedding.

When a bride and her bridesmaids look back upon the wedding, they may want to see something more memorable than the standard white wedding dress.  The vast majority of weddings occur with the bride attending in white, symbolising their purity – an important aspect in many cultures.  However, there are those for whom this isn’t an issue and instead, would rather emphasize the celebration. Employing a medieval theme can make a wedding even more special than it would have otherwise been with a traditional dress and decorations.

There are so many sources of inspiration and amazing possibilities for the designs of medieval wedding dresses. The most common inspirations lie largely in either film, books and literature or fantasy. A quick search on the search engine of your choice will reveal that designs from the most famous fantasy films are available if you should choose to wear them on your special day.

The literary inspiration for medieval wedding dresses lie not in accuracy to the material, but in the theme and overall essence. Guinevere is a common favorite for literature loving brides or bridesmaids. Dresses capturing this theme are readily available from speciality bridal shops and online stores. Fantasy literature, especially those adapted into Disney Classics such as Cinderella and Snow White, are another great source of inspiration. General and customised gowns are also available – these designs tend to seem like templates with a motif made specifically to inspire a certain image or look.

Still other medieval wedding dresses are based on historical or religious dress designs. Getting in touch with your roots and showing it at your wedding has never been easier or more readily available.  Most of these gown replicas are more comfortable than the original, which could be an issue as some women simply do not take well to corsets or corseted designs. Brides who do want the full experience, however, can easily find a tailor or design to suit their needs and wants.

A wedding is traditionally one of the most important days in a couples’s life and making it special by applying a special theme is not unheard of. In fact, if the bride is a fan of medieval times, literature or history, this personalisation can give it an extra touch of joy and love. Medieval wedding dresses can turn a traditional wedding into a unique and possibly one of a kind experience that no fantasy or medieval enthusiast would dare to miss.